August 29, 2008

Not voting Obama-Biden means you are racist, so does not voting McCain-Palin mean that you are sexist and Ageist ?

The Associated Press is reporting that John McCain has chosen little-known Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate on Friday.

So if not picking Obama-Biden means you are racist will not picking McCain-Palin mean that you are sexist ?

Jacob Weisberg at Slate made the case that the only reason Obama might lose is racism. So will the only reason McCain-Palin lose is because someone is sexist ?

Before the democratic convention, a USA TODAY survey showed that 30% of Clinton supporters said they would vote McCain or were undecided. On Wednesday, that number dropped to 21%. If the x-Hillary Clinton supporters swings back to 35+% for McCain-Palin then that should give the election to McCain-Palin.

This site had made the call that McCain would probably choose Palin back three months ago. This site had also thought that Obama would pick Hillary Clinton but was wrong.

McCain should get a lot of the unhappy Hillary supporters with this move. Then McCain just has to do enough to keep enough Republicans to win the presidency.

Washington Post on Sarah Palin.

Washington Post blog discusses the pick of Sarah Palin.

LA Times feature on Sarah Palin

CNN's John Roberts has said that Palin is too young and inexperienced but she has more executive experience than Obama (or McCain for that matter.)

Sarah Palin is pro-life and a strong fiscal conservative.
Sarah Louise Heath Palin at wikipedia

A comparison of tax effects on different income levels when Obama or McCains tax plans are put in place.

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