September 29, 2009

Dwave System is Discussing Sales of 128 Qubit Quantum Computers

Geordie Rose, CTO of Dwave Systems answered some of my questions in the comments of his blog.

1. Is the 128 qubit system being sold as a service or product yet ?

We are talking with some folks about hosting 128 qubit systems so the answer to #1 is “yes”.

2. Is that happening by the end of 2009 ?

We are hoping that we can close development partnerships by the end of 2009 (including but not limited to installing systems at a partner’s facility, although the actual installation would finish in late 2010). #2 is “I hope so but there is certainly no guarantee”.

3. Any firm schedule on any bigger systems ?

We are focusing for the time being on the 128 qubit chips so “no”.

4. Any change in Dwave plans based on any of the recent quantum computer related announcements – more promise scaling trapped ion, photon machine gun qubit clusters, Andrew Houck transmon work, exciton switches etc…

No change in plans. We do keep up to date with most recent developments and they often give interesting and useful insights. However our objective is the same as it’s been since c.2004, which is to enable adiabatic quantum optimization algorithms for solving Ising model type problems using arrays of niobium rf-squid flux qubits

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