August 05, 2010

Perspective on Techonomy - Commentary: John Hagel, Deloitte Center for the Edge

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Techonomy is trying to get a movement going. A bias toward action.

There is a lot of opportunity in the 5 exabytes of data but there is also danger. Danger of ignoring tacit knowledge. It is more about the how and less the what and the why.

Tacit knowledge cannot be accessed without trust based relationships.
This leads to a third element which is talent development.
How do you foster talent development on the job and lifelong learning

Another movement in play around the world. Growth of religious fundamentalism. Choices to response :
1. Ignore it
2. Fight it
3. Engage it. But to engage must understand,
John Hagel is for engaging.

Three Ts:
Tacit knowledge
Trust based relationships
Talent Development

what is needed for a sustainable movement.

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