January 30, 2011

China has started a Thorium molten salt reactor project

The Chinese Academy of Sciences started the first one of the strategic leader in science and technology projects, "the future of advanced nuclear fission energy - nuclear energy, thorium-based molten salt reactor system" project was officially launched. The scientific goal is to use 20 years or so, developed a new generation of nuclear energy systems, all the technical level reached in the trial and have all intellectual property rights.

(H/T to Nuclear Green and Energy from Thorium)

China has chosen as a breakthrough in the direction of molten salt reactors. "Molten salt reactor using molten fluoride salt carrying nuclear fuel - somewhat similar to the crust in the magma, in the 'stove' in the combustion, and constantly enormous energy output." XU Hongjie, said an international system of the fourth generation of nuclear reactors six candidate reactor types, the only liquid fuel reactors, it has a simple structure and can run at atmospheric pressure, fuel "omnivorous" and other advantages. "The new stove" can be made very small, enclosing a certain stability of the nuclear fuel will be able to run for several decades, and after full combustion, in theory, it produces nuclear waste will be only one-thousandth of existing technologies.

As the world is still in the development of a new generation of nuclear reactors, the thorium-based independent research and development of molten salt reactors, will be possible to obtain all intellectual property rights. This will enable China to firmly grasp the lifeline of energy in their own hands.

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