May 17, 2011

Nautilus Minerals Ocean Floor Mining Company Update

1. 36 page presentation on Nautilus Minerals from Jan, 2011

* They are developing the ability to extract high grade material on one deposit and move to the next deposit 100kms away and extract ore in a matter of days

* they will be able to extract ore with minimal overburden, stripping and waste

* They are using robots to drill one mile below the ocean surface

* some of their deposits have over 30% copper

* They have been able to discover a new mineralized system every three days

* Production plan for Solwara project off of Papua New Guinea- 1.3 million tons/year containing 80,000 tonnes Cu and approx 150,000 – 200,000oz gold

* they are about 19 months from first ore

Deposits that used to be on the seafloor but are now on land in Canada are 2.5 billion tons of resources. The ocean should have over 10 billion tons

2. Nautilus Minerals is taking another step forward in the construction of its seafloor production system, proceeding with an order for the Subsea Slurry Lift Pump (SSLP).

The SSLP will pump high grade slurry from the bottom of the riser, at Nautilus' proposed Solwara 1 project in the Bismarck Sea of Papua New Guinea (PNG), to a Production Support Vessel (PSV) floating approximately 1600 metres above. It is a key piece of equipment in Nautilus' plan to produce commercial quantities of copper, gold and other metals from the deep ocean.

3. Nautilus Minerals has completed its 2010/11 seafloor drilling program, with the vessel, REM Etive, having demobilized in Singapore on May 16, 2011.

During the drilling program in the Bismarck Sea of Papua New Guinea, Nautilus completed a 99 hole diamond drilling project, for a total of 1475 metres.

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