March 26, 2012

Market Forecasts of Electric Bikes, electric cars and Plug in Hybrids

Market Study E-­Mobility by Castellan AG (43 pages)

* Prices for electric vehicles will decrease by 30% over the next couple of years
* Leading consultancies expect electric vehicles to have a market share of up to 10% by 2020, accordingly in 2020 10 million E-­cars will be sold
* Germany’s government conservatively expects 1 million E-­cars to be sold by 2020 in Germany, consultancies and other institutions consider multiples of this number to be more likely
* The market for E-­Bikes is growing even faster than the market for E-­‐cars
* China has been a pioneer with more than 100 million E-­‐bikes sold, but Europe is projected to have a stock of more than 60 million E-­‐bikes by 2020

IEA Technological roadmap to Plug in Hybrid vehicles (52 pages)

A 20 page study of electric bikes, scooters, trucks and buses.

• The global market for electric motorcycles and scooters and bikes is expected to grow 42% per year to reach 138.0 million vehicles by 2017

• China will dominate this market with 82.1 million e-scooters (and e-bikes) and 15.2 million e-motorcycles

Electric motorcycles and scooters

Leading companies making Electric motorcycles and scooters are in the chart below

1. Zero Motorcycles
2. Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle
3. Brammo
4. Zongshen

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