D-Wave Systems Previews 2000-Qubit Quantum System and Early tests show new features have up to 1000 times performance improvement over 1000 Qubit system
China's next stealth fighter the FC31 Gyrfalcon will continue to close the technology gap with the USA
Broad Group USA targets their first USA pre-fabricated skyscraper by end of 2019
Brookhaven breakthrough determines density of electron pairs controls critical temperature in superconductors and this will pave the way to room temperature superconductors
US Army and Marines deploying anti-drone technology and surveillance drones by end of 2017 at the squad level
South Korea will build or buy a new anti drone laser defense after failing to down North Korean drones in August
Tiltrotor drone is in development and the target is 2023 for production
Spacex 61 page presentation on the Interplanetary Transport System and the sustainable Mars colony plan
Investigation confirms Russian missiles shot down Malaysian jet over Ukraine
Robert Zubrin's Nuclear Salt Water Rocket Design
Video of Elon Musk talking about Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species
Reaction Engines UK plans integrated hypersonic engine tests by 2020-2021 with joint strike fighter sized engine
Elon Musk reveals giant reusable spaceship and Mars exploration and colonization plans
Russia will test an anti-satellite laser from a modified cargo plane
Artificial Intelligence Agent outplays human and the in Game AI in Doom Video Game
Artificial Intelligence Agent outplays human and the in Game AI in Doom Video Game
Hummingbird lightest folding bike and Flykly electric bike convertion Smart Wheel
Progress towards developing safe graphene implants
JP Aerospace launches prototype balloon with the goal of eventually reaching 60 miles in altitude
China pushing for 50% faster train technology for world export and adaption for any rail network and all geographic conditions
Hubble Spots More Water Plumes Erupting on Jupiter's Moon Europa
Will China and the Philippines cut cooperative resource development deals to defuse the South China Sea ?
Memristors as synaptic emulators for neuromorphic computing